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Better Options for How to Get Divorced

Litigation is not your only option; there is a better way.

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Online Uncontested Divorce

A simple, low cost, stress free divorce option.

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Estate Planning and Probate

Planning for the future, no matter your age.

Win Your Divorce Without Fighting

Alternatives to an Adversarial Divorce

Divorce does not have to be a destructive process. Having litigated family law cases in court for over 20 years, Mrs. Reed has witnessed the negative toll the lengthy court process has on family relationships and the parties’ finances. This experience has caused her to dedicate her law practice to helping clients find alternatives to litigation.

We offer uncontested divorce in Bay, Gulf, Jackson, Calhoun, Washington, and Holmes counties.

Finalize a divorce in many cases without leaving the house.

Helping families for more than 20 years

We understand how important your legal needs are to you and your family, and our attorneys have the experience and skill needed to help. We have years of experience working through a wide range of legal issues in both estate planning and family law.

We know the impact these challenges can have on your life and approach them accordingly. Our firm will help you address your legal issues, keep you informed on the progress of your case and be there for you from the moment you retain our services until your matter is resolved.

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Caring Estate Planning And Family Law Attorneys Serving Panama City And The Emerald Coast.

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Don’t Take This On Alone

Dealing with a family law or estate planning issue can be confusing and stressful. You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help and put your best interests first. We’ve been serving our community for over two decades and know what it takes to get the results you need to move on with life.

If you’re struggling with a legal issue, don’t go it alone. Call us today at 850-250-4260 or send us an email to get started. See how we can help you. We proudly service clients in Bay, Gulf, Calhoun, Homes, Jackson, and Washington counties.

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